About us


Since 3 years, Tsahal pizza works every week and in every part of the country.
It all started in 2009 when a few volunteers and Henri Sebbane, decided to show their gratitude towards IDF soldiers based in Judean and Samaria regions. Soon, this action became known by hundreds of soldiers and many requests to get pizzas and packages arrived every day from dozens of units. A few months later, one of Tsahal Pizza’s leader family members was killed in an ambush
which took place in the Gaza strip. Major Eliraz Perets (right) was the leader of the Golani Unit 12:


He was the father of 4 children and his eldest brother had already been killed 10 years earlier in an ambush made by the Hezbollah on the Lebanese border. And it is in his memory that we have decided the whole Tsahal Pizza project. During the week of mourning (shiva) we went with Eliraz’s (z’’l) wife and children in his IDF base to distribute hundreds of packages to his unit (photo below).

Since then, we go on a regular basis to this Golani unit to distribute them pizzas and packages. We also distribute to Givati, Tsanhanim, Kfir and Givati as well as to the border police unit.

To be able to answer all the requests, we need your generosity. Just look at the smiles of these soldier boys and girls when we come to deliver them goodies. All this is made possible thanks to you.


Shalom and we are looking forwards hearing from you soon