For Tsahal-pizza,

In the name of the Golani unit 12, we wish to warmly thank the whole team of Tsahal Pizza. All soldiers and commanders of this Golani unit express their great satisfaction and testify the full dedication of M. Henri Sebbane during the distributions. He always says yes to all our requests. The hundreds of pizzas and packages that you bring to us are a great comfort to our soldiers. This action allows them a short but so important break in a stressful day to day life, being always on alert. We hope that the tight relations we already have with you will be strengthened by the years.

Maguad Pini, commander of the Golani Unit 12.


For Tsahal-pizza,

We would like to thank all those who participate to this action. Thanks to you, our unit could rest for a short moment during one of the most intense period of our training session.

Major Dorian. Givati Shaked


For Tsahal-pizza,

We are a specialized rescue unit which works in case of earthquakes in Israel and all over the world.
We also deal with other disasters and wars, including chemical missiles. We want to thank all those who by their generosity give us the strength to leave our families and regular jobs to defend Israel people. It makes our heart feels warm and prove the utility of our day to day fight. Commander Ariel.

Leader of the rescue unit 972

Rav Yoel Benharrouche


Shalom to you all
At the eve of this New Year, that we hope will be beautiful and full of happiness for all of us, our duty is to remember our dear IDF soldiers who are our pride and whose we cherish so much.

Therefore and in order that this feeling find a concrete meaning, we reinforce the action of Tsahal Pizza team. With this generosity and sense of sharing, we will prove to our soldiers that they have a special place in our heart. It is also thanks to these little gestures that we can help them living a bit better, their military time. That is why I have decided to support this action and to help it get the attention necessary to its success.

Yoel Benharrouche

Rav David Cohen Shlita - Roch Yéchiva Mekoubalim


"Yeshivat Shaarey Kedousha Outefila"
By this letter, I wish to recommend and ensure you the seriousness of this action to improve the day to day life of our soldiers. Indeed, I know personally and since many years, the volunteers who set up this charity organization. One of them, who today cook pizzas on the fire, was once part of an elite unit in the IDF. He knows very well the usefulness and benefit that such an action can bring to a patrol which has been on duty all night long. It is our duty to help and support our soldiers who protect the whole people of Israel. For this New Year, I personally wish total success to this action that helps our soldiers.

Rav David Daniel Hacohen